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Points Prize থেকে চাইলে অল্প কিছু দিন এর মধ্যেই $20 Withdraw পারবেন করতে। বিস্তারিত

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Points Prize থেকে চাইলে অল্প কিছু দিন এর মধ্যেই $20 Withdraw পারবেন করতে। বিস্তারিত

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Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of people asking me about a site called PointsPrizes, that has been giving out free Playstation codes, as well as PayPal and Bitcoin. Many people want to know whether the site is fake or not, so I decided to give the site a test for myself to see if they were legit or not.

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First Impressions

As far as first impressions go, I was very impressed with their interface. It’s very easy to use and I was able to get started within minutes. The way the site works is that you earn points and once you have enough points you can claim some cool prizes:

The key thing to remember about PointsPrizes is that there are actually four ways to earn points:

  • Offer Points – You get these by completing offers such as surveys or submitting your email for something.
  • Referral Points – You get these for referring new members to the site.
  • Bonus Points – These are earned during the beginning just for attempting to complete offers.
  • Coupon Points – You can earn some extra points in the beginning by finding coupons.

I would say out of these the Offer points are easy to earn if you live in the United States. Otherwise I would try and earn Referral Points because that can be extremely lucrative.

Is PointsPrizes a fake site or not?

First I claimed a $25 PayPal payment to see if PointsPrizes would send me cash and this was the result. As you can see, I managed to get payment proof that the site does work:

Later I also claimed a PSN code and I got an email with a working gift code. I should warn you though that they only send US gift codes so you should try to get paid in cash if you live elsewhere. But all of their codes are legit.

Why do some say the site is fake then?

Whenever someone fails at something they tend to complain and say there was some cheating involved. Usually because they lack the resolve to persist with something.

It is true that some of the offers do not convert always, but that is not the fault of PointsPrizes. Instead it’s the fault of the advertising companies they work with. You will find the same is true of any survey website on the internet.

If you are having trouble converting the offers yourself then you probably live somewhere that advertisers aren’t interested in. In that case you should use their referral program. That’s where the easiest points can be earned. Find websites, forums, communities, etc where there are people interested in the prizes on offer, talk about PointsPrizes and then share your referral links there.

How I Earned a Free $20 Playstation PSN Code

Since I began gaming almost two decades ago the cost of console games was always something I felt was extremely prohibitive. So for a long time now I’ve been trawling the internet to find a way to earn free PSN codes for the Playstation.

Some PSN Code


Along the way I encountered plenty of generator sites and other scams, that pretended that they were going to send me gift codes, but in the end were just trying to cheat me. And for the longest time I became demoralized by the whole experience. I just surrendered to the idea that there was never going to be any shortcut to getting the gaming goodies I wanted.

A few months ago a close friend and fellow gamer referred me to a website called PointsPrizes. I’d never heard of it before so initially I was very skeptical. However, since my friend was so enthusiastic about it I decided to check it out to see what all the fuss was about.

What does the site look like?

When I arrived on the site I saw it was asking me to submit my email address. I did that and it immediately created an account for me. You get a pretty cool interface where you can see your progress:

If you scroll down you’ll also see a chat room where you can get in touch with their other members who are also working there. You’ll also see some navigation on the left where you can explore the rest of your account. My favorite page is the prize selection page where you get to choose your gift code – makes me excited just looking at it:

How does it work?

Basically you earn points by completing offers from their advertisers. Once you have enough points you can cash them in for the gift code of your choice!

The number of offers you see will see depends on the country you live in. Fortunately I live in the France so there were plenty of offers available to me:

You can also earn points by recommending the site to your friends on social media, which is another feature I think is pretty cool.

Anything I should know about completing offers?

The most important thing to know is that sometimes an offer will convert, and sometimes it won’t. Never get disheartened after trying just one offer.

Their advertisers can be less than honest, and don’t always tell them when offers are converting. When that happens we don’t get our points either. Therefore it’s a good idea to just work your way down the list and complete all the offers. Some of them will convert into points.

Their offers are updated on a daily basis – so if you keep coming back and completing offers eventually you will get enough points to claim your prize…

Another thing to remember is that you always should fill in their offers honestly and with the correct information. They are totally not joking when they say their will be chargebacks from advertisers if you provide fake info – trust me, I know!

How did I get my PSN code?

Once I had enough points I went to the prizes page on my account and put a claim in. After a short wait I was emailed my gift code:

They will ask you to wait for a short time after you claim your prize, to confirm that there is no fraud or excessive charge backs on your account. I didn’t mind waiting though.

How did I redeem my PSN codes?

This was probably the simplest part. I went to the playstation website and then followed the instructions in this video in order to redeem my PSN code.

But how do make money?

A good way to tell if a site is going to give you a gift card or not is to ask the question: how much money they are making off you? If they are making less than $20 it’s highly unlikely they will be sending you a $20 gift code, isn’t it!

When you complete offers they make some good money by passing your details on to advertisers. If you think about it you’re completing a lot off offers to earn your points and this more than pays for your gift card.

Personally I don’t mind them doing this since it pays for everything. Much better to do it the right way, rather than getting scammed by some generator site!

Final words

So far I’ve earned three PSN codes worth a total of $60 with PointsPrizes. They are a really honest website, with great staff who will always talk to you. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.

The site works and it’s going to give a lot of young people access to the games they want to play. That is enough reward for me to tell you all about them!

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